Besos is an exclusive producer, distributor and retailer of high quality women’s scarves. Established by Helle Sæthre in 2012, Besos’ vision is to provide Danish women with access to a range of distinctive and beautiful scarves.

Besos’ range is sourced from all over the world, including from top Danish and international fashion houses. In addition to distributing on behalf of some of the top brands globally, Besos produces its own private collection. This collection is designed by Helle Sæthre, in collaboration with some of the most renowned textile manufacturers in the world.

With a strong focus on excellence, Besos’ entire range of scarves meet strict quality controls. Every scarf in the range is produced from one of several high quality fabrics, including cashmere, cotton, linen, pashmina, silk or wool.  Besos’ producers and suppliers are selected on the basis of the design merit and craftsmanship displayed in their products, as well as the ethical standards adhered to during production.

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Besos Agentur

Besos Agentur is the wholesale distribution division of Besos.  The division sources a range of high quality scarves, both locally and internationally, and then supplies this range to fashion boutiques.

Besos Agentur also sells its range direct to private clients through its own webshop.